Tools & Services

Scenario Design

Design Scenarios let you construct useful plans, even in the face of uncertainty. Our online scenario tools help you to rapidly develop and visualize multidimensional scenarios. By using a participatory modeling process, you can ensure that the scenarios produced are management-relevant and have buy-in from all major stakeholders.

Indicators & Impacts

book Our interactive spatial impact assessment system, ISIAS, provides science-based assessments summarized "on the fly" into management-relevant maps, charts and tables. We offer species impact assessment models for Incidental Take computations under the US Endangered Species Act, as well as for economic development, and visual quality assessment.


book How might each scenario develop over time? Our AttCon(tm) spatial change model answers this question for a variety of applications. AttCon has been used in dozens of projects around the world to simulate urban growth, future permits, and budget-constrained land conservation strategies.  For example model outputs, see our scenarios for the South Florida Water, Sustainability and Climate project.  


Quote Whether in person or online, process management is a critical component of successful scenario planning. Our tools allow stakeholders to share scenarios and impact assessments using normal email and social media tools, and allow you to continuously track progress towards process benchmarks.