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Geodesign Tech is working with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to develop their Beaches Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). One of the most ambitious such projects ever attempted, the Beaches HCP will manage incidental take for 17 different threatened and endangered species across 800 miles of beaches.

The interactive species impact assessment system (ISIAS) is being customized to support this project. In addition to performing incidental take estimates, this online tool supports Delphi processes for reaching expert consensus on parameterization of complex models.

Geodesign Tech is working with the Florida Wildlife Commission and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration to apply a scenario planning approach to coastal and marine planning. The project will examine impacts on three habitats are related species: mangroves, coral reefs, and beaches.

The project integrates three types of models. NOAA researchers are providing their latest downscaled climate change projections for sea temperature. Florida's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute has run SLAMM models to estimate habitat change under sea level rise. Based on inputs from both of these, Geodesign Tech is working with species and habitat experts to generate species impact assessment models. (Joint work with GeoAdaptive LLC)

The Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) is interested in helping mid-sized cities throughout Latin American and the Carribean to grow in a more sustainable fashion. We studied the city of Goiania Brazil, which is growing extremely rapidly, and well beyond prior plans.

Geodesign's AttCon Urban Growth Model was used to simulate plan/trend growth. Geodesign Tech was also responsible for developing spatial econometric models to estimate heavy infrastructure extension costs. (Joint work with GeoAdaptive LLC)