Florida Beaches Habitat Conservation Planning

Geodesign Tech is working with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to develop their Beaches Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). One of the most ambitious such projects ever attempted, the Beaches HCP will manage incidental take for 17 different threatened and endangered species across 800 miles of beaches.

Florida Keys Marine Adaptation Planning

Geodesign Tech is working with the Florida Wildlife Commission and the National Oceanic &Astmospheric Administration to apply a scenario planning approach to coastal and marine planning.

The project will examine impacts on three habitats are related species: mangroves, coral reefs, and beaches.




Simulating Infrastructure Costs for IDB

The Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) is interested in helping mid-sized cities throughout Latin American and the Carribean to grow in a more sustainable fashion. As a pilot project, we focused on the issue of heavy infrastructure extension costs, because these costs are a key policy driver. We studied the city of Goiania Brazil, which is growing extremely rapidly, and well beyond prior plans.

Alternative Futures for the Region of Telluride, Colorado 

A booming silver mining town which fell upon hard times and then recovered in spectacular fashion, Telluride Colorado is no stranger to economic booms and busts. However recent growth pressure has been leading to some challenging regional planning issues. In a collaborative study with Harvard University, we used our simulation modeling expertise to examine some of the major choices.


Simulating Carbon Policy Scenarios for Florida

Geodesign Technologies has received a USGS research grant to develop potential mechanisms and policies for the Greater Everglades landscape in which carbon markets are used to not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to fund conservation and restoration. There are several reasons why we feel that it is important to systematically and objectively test potential carbon markets.

Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation

Geodesign Tech is working the Peninsular Florida LCC, GeoAdaptive and Florida Atlantic University to research and simulate how payment for ecosystem services (PES) might be structured to improve Florida conservation.