Simulating PES Scenarios

Geodesign Tech is working the Peninsular Florida LCC, GeoAdaptive and Florida Atlantic University to research and simulate how payment for ecosystem services (PES) might be structured to improve Florida conservation. PES is currently being used to purchase water storage rights, and to protect endangered species habitat.

The appeal of such an approach is that it recognizes, enchances and potentially expands the role of private landowners in providing critical ecosystem services while simultaneously pursuing other compatible land management goals. However there are numerous practical and legal challenges. We are researching the factors which influence private land owners to participate, and using spatial simulations to test various strategies for spatially-targetting PES.

Technologies Deployed

Geodesign Technologies Scenario Management System is being used to organize the scenario development process. Our "AttCon" growth model is being used to simulate future conservation at a sub-parcel level.

Custom species impact models will be used to assess the conservaiton success of various strategies.