Loggerhead Turtle Image

Florida Keys Marine Adaptation Planning

Geodesign Tech is working with the Florida Wildlife Commission and the National Oceanic &Astmospheric Administration to apply a scenario planning approach to coastal and marine planning. Participants include the managers of all the coastal and marine areas under consideration, and scientific experts on the species and habitats.

The project will examine impacts on three habitats and related species: mangroves, coral reefs, and beaches.

Scenario Issues

Because the Keys region is already largely built-out, the two major types of change expected in this case are environmental and regulatory. The main environmental change of concern is climate change, and specifically the impacts of sea level rise and sea surface temperature rise. The area has historically been highly over-fished, but now has a national marine sanctuary and multiple special protected areas. The main management changes include working within these existing designations or potentially changing.

Technologies Deployed

Geodesign Technologies Scenario Management System is being used to organize the scenario development process across a series of three workshops. Scenario simulation is this case is using both internal and external models. Vegetative change under SLR is being simulated by Florida Fish and Wildlife using the SLAMM model.

Geodesign Tech custom species impact models are being written for Loggerhead Turtle, Spiny Lobster, and Goliath Grouper.